MSCCS accepts students beginning at 3 months of age into our Nursery Program. Babies are welcome into a loving and peaceful environment that allows them to interact socially with other children, while also experiencing a variety of media appropriate for their age, including music, puzzles, paint, and the outdoors to stimulate their growing minds.

Students in our Nursery class will be able to recognize your face and scent, reach for objects and mouth them, imitate new sounds, and follow objects. They’ll also develop the skills to finger feed, drink from a cup, hold a bottle, wave goodbye, respond to their own name, say “papa, mama” and other first words, sit, crawl, stand, possibly walk, and pick things up.


High-Reach Learning

Special Area Classes:

  • Music (Starting in Toddlers)

Anabel Arocho
Nursery Lead Teacher

Myriam Avila
Nursery Assistant

Mery Reynoso
Toddler LEad Teacher

Gladys Perez
Toddler Assistant

Dora Noguera
Toddler Assistant