Pre-School through Fifth Grade Open Enrollment

Miami Shores Community Church School offers an all inclusive and well-rounded curriculum incorporating math, reading, language arts, penmanship, science, social studies, and health. In addition, our students all receive an enrichment curriculum that includes Physical Education, Public Speaking, Computer Education, Art, Spanish, Music, Yoga, and Dance. The students work and learn in a small group environment in order to get the individual attention that every student deserves. We also offer “Morning Care” for those that need an early start and and “After Care” program where students get help with homework and projects. Twice a month, we offer “Parents Night Out” where students play and socialize while parents enjoy a child free evening.

After School Activities Include:

– Voice – Piano – Drums – Guitar – French – Spanish – Art – Tutoring – Yoga – Dance – Gymnastics

For Registration and Pricing Information Contact:

Miami Shores Community Church School Office 9823 NE 4th Avenue Miami Shores, FL 33138 (305) 757-5866