September News 2017

Special Recognition

Welcome back! We are so excited to welcome our new MSCCS families, and to welcome back our returning students! We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and are ready for a great school year!

Thank you to our PTO for all of the amazing additions you’ve facilitated this Summer, including our new teacher’s lounge, landscaping, and contributing to flooring in the Social Hall and a few of the upstairs classrooms.

Office News

Be sure to sign your child in and out daily. All notices, invoices, and information will be placed in the sign in/out book. This is how the office communicates with parents. Be sure to read everything. 

Please ensure all contact information and health records are up to date with the office. Also, please be sure the office has your updated email address, as email blasts will be sent home regularly to keep you up to date on school events.

Be advised that the office will be closed each day from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Make sure that you make the necessary payments and/or inquiries before or after this time.

MSCCS students in our PK-3 through 5th-grade classes must wear P.E. uniforms on Fridays. All PK-4 – 5th-grade students are required to wear school uniforms. Polos, outerwear, and PE uniforms are available for purchase at MSCCS. Khakis may be bought elsewhere. Black/brown shoes complete the school uniform.

All students must be seated in their classroom at 9:00 am. All Pre K4 through 5th-grade students who are tardy must receive a tardy slip from the school office.

The last day to turn in all enrichment, spaghetti, and pizza forms is Friday, September 8th. No registration will be accepted after this date!  Enrichment forms are available in the office. All enrichment classes and lunches will begin on Monday, September 11th.

Please join us for our Open House on Thursday, September 7th at 6:00 PM. We will begin with an assembly in the Church Sanctuary, followed by a meet and greets with MSCCS teachers and staff.

Snack Attack is a PTO fundraiser where students can purchase snacks and treats for $0.50 each. This month’s Snack Attacks will be held on September 15th and September 29th and will be sponsored by our 4th/5th-grade class. We will send home a link in our email blasts where parents will be able to sign up to volunteer or donate items for our snack attack.  

Shed your threads is a school fundraiser, and will be held on September 14th and September 28th this month.  Students will be able to dress down in their favorite outfits for a $1.00 donation.

September 2nd- Chase Cuason
September 3rd- Sylvia Lowman
September 7th- Brittany Lightbourne
September 8th- Braden Cygan-Chalk
September 8th- Olivier Rivera-Laboy
September 8th- Emma Lowman-Davidson
September 13th- Ms. Jessica
September 13th- Maverick Corredero
September 14th- Nathan Camacho
September 14th- Colette Pena
September 15th- Salvador Aguirre
September 16th- William Fajardo
September 27th- Mrs. Cassandra
September 27th- Hannah Timbaldi-Leymonie
September 27th- Zara Anil-Useche
September 28th- Olive Hammer
September 28th- Mrs. Naphtaly