Uniform Policy

All students in PK-3 through our 5th grade classes are required to wear P.E. uniforms on Friday. This consists of:

  • Navy blue gym shorts (purchased in any clothing store)
  • Gray t-shirt with school logo (purchased in the school office)
  • Sneakers

All students in Pre-K 4 through 5th grade students are required to wear school uniforms. They can be purchased at our uniform website www.miamishores.epluno.com and these uniforms consist of:

  • White, blue, yellow or pink polo shirts with school logo
  • Orange polo (required for debate team but optional for all other students)
  • White, or blue long sleeve polo shirts with school logo
  • Khaki jumpers for girls
  • Khaki bottoms (shorts, skirts, skorts, or pants)
  • Belt (black or brown) shirts are to be tucked in
  • Closed toe shoes in black or brown, no sneakers or boots
  • Navy blue cardigan sweaters
  • Blazers to be used for debate. Kindergarten (optional) & 1st-5th Grade required.

All tops must be embroidered with the MSCCS logo.

Children are expected to come to school each morning dressed properly. This helps teach them the importance of following school rules and regulations.